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Heavy Metal fans exist all around the world, supporting their favourite bands in many ways, from buying albums, going to concerts and wearing t-shirts depicting the bands logo or imagery.

Heavy Metal has a following far, far bigger than many other music genres and has developed a unique culture that only the fans understand. This culture has grown since the inception of Heavy Metal and is now such a huge part of life for so many that it has evolved into a following not too dissimilar to a religious following.

Religion has its behaviours, its attire and its symbols.

And, so does Heavy Metal.

Moshing, or head banging, denim and leather and the "corna", or "devil's horns", although referred to more often as the "metal fist" or "metal horns".

All the religions of the world have a name, and now, so does Heavy Metal. METALHEADITE is the religious following of Heavy Metal.